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JazzFest Lineup Update

As many JazzFest fans have seen on social media throughout the week, a member of Here Come the Mummies was in an accident. After a great deal of thought and discussion, the band has regrettably canceled their Sioux Falls performance at JazzFest Saturday night. More information from the group will be available via their Facebook page and social media.

“JazzFest will work with HCTM to perform in 2020 and bring their South Dakota fans an incredible experience that only the Mummies can provide,” says Tryg Fredrickson, SFJB’s Executive Director.

The good news is the eccentric funk bank MarchFourth has stepped in to close the show July 20th. MarchFourth is a unique musical experience. As an internationally acclaimed genre-breaking ensemble, MarchFourth has been described as a band of exceptional musical quality and a visual kaleidoscope of stick walkers, hoopers and Vaudeville style dancers.  An over-the-top spectacle of high energy compositions, colorful costumes, and irresistible charisma!

Organizers are in the process of working with another band to fill the open slot in the afternoon. Watch the website, social media, or download the JazzFest app for immediate updates. Thank you all for your support of Sioux Falls’ hottest summer event. JazzFest is this Friday & Saturday, July 19-20 at Yankton Trail Park in Sioux Falls, SD.

JazzFest to Open at 3 PM!

Because of damage to the park, JazzFest will begin at 3 PM today!

JazzFest Update

URGENT: There has been a 2019 JazzFest line-up update.

Move and Groove

Join us for a workout at Yankton Trail Park before JazzFest gets started on Saturday, July 20th! This year Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield will be sponsoring YOGA + ZUMBA + CYCLING! Register today and you could be the lucky winner of an Apple Watch!




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