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Rich Show

Rich Show is a songwriter from Sioux Falls who has worn many different shoes and jackets. From the outside, it might seem like many genres and many styles. Some Sioux Falls locals may remember The Punk Rock of No Direction, the Country Rocking Blues of Flag With Hank, the Power Guitar Pop of Violet, and the Vaudeville Trashcan Opera of The Working Poor, but it really only comes down to a single source., Rich Show.

Music has no answers and songwriters aren’t prophets or shamans. But good songs are stories, reflecting the writer’s vision, translated into melody and rhythm. Guitar, bass, drums.

In 2018 Different Folk Records helped to bring a lot of these tangent music genres/styles together by curating and releasing the double album, Rich Show “That was the Future, This is the Past”  collecting a lifetime of songs in one cohesive package.

JazzFest to Open at 3 PM!

Because of damage to the park, JazzFest will begin at 3 PM today!

JazzFest Update

URGENT: There has been a 2019 JazzFest line-up update.

Move and Groove

Join us for a workout at Yankton Trail Park before JazzFest gets started on Saturday, July 20th! This year Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield will be sponsoring YOGA + ZUMBA + CYCLING! Register today and you could be the lucky winner of an Apple Watch!




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