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Corey Stevens

Born in the small town of Centralia, Illinois, Corey Stevens never just says he is from Illinois. Corey Stevens is a guy who likes to consider all the angles. Although his earliest influences were early rock and rollers like Chuck Berry, comics who played with words to make people laugh had a huge impact on him. When the British Invasion swept Stevens away like millions of others, the words moved him as much as the music. It may be for this reason that Stevens aspired to be a songwriter and not just another guitar player.

In August 2010, Stevens released his 8th album, “The Dreaming Man.” He wrote the title track for his friend, Boon Miller, an artist and musician, who co-wrote “Triple Jack,” from the “Bring On The Blues” CD, with Stevens.

Steve Ferrone returned on drums. Stevens’ daughter, Kori Lynn, played keyboards, sang vocal harmonies and did the artwork including the photography. Paul Testa returned at the Hammond organ. Stevens played bass, guitar, as well as producing the project. “The Dreaming Man” features twelve new songs written by Stevens.
Stevens continues to tour with his band and as a solo acoustic performer. His music is played on XM Radio and some FM stations and is available on iTunes, CD Baby, and in selected stores.

JazzFest to Open at 3 PM!

Because of damage to the park, JazzFest will begin at 3 PM today!

JazzFest Update

URGENT: There has been a 2019 JazzFest line-up update.

Move and Groove

Join us for a workout at Yankton Trail Park before JazzFest gets started on Saturday, July 20th! This year Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield will be sponsoring YOGA + ZUMBA + CYCLING! Register today and you could be the lucky winner of an Apple Watch!




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