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Aundre Myles

When powered by passion, talent can prosper in the least expected places. At 26 years old, Aundre Myles has slowly been paving his way in Sioux Falls, S.D., a Midwestern city where rap has only begun to take root. After his parents’ divorce at age 10, Aundre found comfort in Alicia Keys’ music, sparking a lifelong appreciation for R&B and Hip-Hop. As an innate story-teller, Aundre Myles’ songs arise from the heart. Listeners worldwide can vibe to the universal emotion ingrained in his lyrics, which he dubs mood music. His most popular upload, Ten Toes, hit over 3 million views this past year. In an increasingly superficial era, Aundre’s music reminds audiences to stay classy and golden.
Aundre’s music influencers include Alicia Keys, Mac Miller, Sade, Wax, and J. Cole.

JazzFest to Open at 3 PM!

Because of damage to the park, JazzFest will begin at 3 PM today!

JazzFest Update

URGENT: There has been a 2019 JazzFest line-up update.

Move and Groove

Join us for a workout at Yankton Trail Park before JazzFest gets started on Saturday, July 20th! This year Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield will be sponsoring YOGA + ZUMBA + CYCLING! Register today and you could be the lucky winner of an Apple Watch!




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