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JazzFest 25

Join us for the 25th Celebration of JazzFest in 2016! The Sioux Falls Jazz and Blues has a few extra things in store at the festival, so be sure to check them out!

JazzFest 25 Fernson Brewing Company partnership

fernson logoFor the 25th Celebration of JazzFest in 2016, Sioux Falls Jazz and Blues has some special things planned, including a special JazzFest beer brewed by Fernson Brewing Company in Sioux Falls, SD. The beer, named “JazzFest 25” will be on tap at JazzFest in exclusive beer gardens all three days.  Invoking intense citrus flavors of grapefruit, the JazzFest 25 Berliner Weisse is a classic German-style tart wheat beer. The abundant tartness felt on the palate gives way to a pleasant citrus and orange-peel finish. Its balanced acidity makes this a great beer to pair with hot weather and cool jazz.

JazzFest 25 Guitar Art Project

Also as a special part of JazzFest 25th Celebration is the Guitar Art Project—25 guitars, 25 sponsors and 25 artists.  In honor of the 25th Celebration of JazzFest in July 2016, the Sioux Falls Jazz and Blues (SFJB) began the Guitar Art Project in 2015. Artists throughout South Dakota have individually designed artwork on the canvas of a white Fender Stratocaster guitar. Each artist has been sponsored by a regional business. These guitars are currently being displayed at each sponsor’s business location in Sioux Falls. The guitars will be brought together throughout the year for public displays in Sioux Falls and the region leading up to the festival in July 2016.

The project is to not only join the music and art communities in Sioux Falls, but also help Sioux Falls Jazz and Blues bring awareness to incredible artists in the state, as well as celebrate the 25th JazzFest in 2016. “This is a milestone year for the festival and we wanted to not only find a way to celebrate all year long, but we thought about how to include visual artists into this project as well,”  Executive Director Robert Joyce states, “so it was exciting to take an iconic image such as the Fender Strat and give it to amazing artists throughout the region and watch them transform it into another piece of art.”

Midco Big Screens

MidcoAnother addition of growth for the 25th Celebration of JazzFest is larger big screens for the main stage at JazzFest. Spanning over 26 feet across, two large screens will frame the JazzFest stage for three days. The Midco Big Screens will feature some fun interactive opportunities for the crowd to respond with photos and tweets throughout various times at the JazzFest.

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JazzFest Jazz Camp

JazzFest Jazz Camp

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