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Enjoy “Bumpin’ on Sunset”

April is Jazz Appreciation Month and celebrates this we at the Sioux Falls Jazz & Blues are picking a track each week to enjoy the diverse music that makes up jazz.
This week we thought we’d feature a man who changed how jazz guitar and the guitar, in general, was played. Wes Montgomery brought a new sophistication to the guitar and his music was always considered “classy” and “tasteful.”

Guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Lee Ritenour, Chet Atkins, and Pat Metheny have all commented about how Wes’ music was provided a new avenue for the guitar and a spotlight where the guitar was given more solo attention.

And the song we like to share is “Bumpin’ on Sunset” from his 1966 album Tequila.

Wes Montgomery was born in Indianapolis and quickly earned a reputation for his musicianship that brought him to the New York scene in the 50’s. By the 1960’s he was already defining a more relaxed and soulful style of jazz, called Hard Bop—a return to the blues, Gospel and a beat and groove that made audiences tap their foot and dance.

When we listen to Wes, we just smile.

Enjoy “Bumpin’ on Sunset” and imagine the sun dropping down over the ocean on a nice sandy beach and a cool drink to parch your thirst.

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